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Why Was Jesus Born?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

By: Glyndora Condon, MS MFT LPC; He came to save, to instruct, to die for us, and to grow us even through trials.

Basically, Christ came to die in order to save the lost since He was the only perfect sacrifice as the Son of God and Son of man; and only worthy perfect lamb who could wash away our sins with His blood. He knew His purpose and God's plan when He came to this earth from His home in Heaven.

Let us refer to John 20:30-31 and we see that Jesus was born so that lost people could find THE WAY. Jn.:1-5, Jn. 1:4, and Jn. 8:12 also provide further insight. Notice that He did not come so that we could continue to walk in the dark and decide our own way as to what we wanted to do or felt was right. He came to shine His light and show our darkness that is in our hearts and to help us to walk in His light.

Further we see that Christ was born so that we who are distressed could find peace-although we face trials, temptations, and tribulation while we reside in this world. The world would have us to believe that we will be content if we have the latest and greatest material things, money, sex-appeal, money, popularity, and prestige yet, we see us working to get these things while continuing to feel lacking in peace and contentment. The world is full of burdensome desires that lead to more dysfunction and non-fulfillment. The world is filled with sickness and temptations, violence and despair yet, Hebrews 4:14-15 states that while walking in a world of temptations and hardship, sickness, and despair; Christ is with us through it all (paraphrased). When Christ was born, the angels sang, peace on earth, with joy and glad tidings.

Another reason why Jesus Christ was born was so that the unsure, those who doubt, and those who fear; could find faith and peace even when going through trials. There is no doubt that Jesus loves the lost people-us. He came to be with us as we face burdens of life, Jn. 14:1. He is to give us peace of a troubled heart when we are afraid as we trust and depend solely on Him, Jn. 14:27. We seek Him and am able to rest when the world is falling apart John 14:27 since Jesus is in charge.

We see examples throughout he scriptures as to people who were in grave danger, found peace when they relied upon Jesus. Remember the apostles and Jesus who were in the storm and how Jesus slept while the apostles were afraid. All He had to do was to speak to the storm and the wind and sea obeyed Him. Remember Peter, James, John, Stephen, and others who were about to die for Christ yet they were at peace. Christ never promised fairness or a life that was trouble free. He warned that we would suffer in Acts and other scriptures yet promises that we would not be alone.

He also teaches that when we are in trials that we are being tested and pruned so as to be better, wiser, stronger, and able to withstand and persevere each triumphantly. Sometimes it takes the trials to help us to prioritize and to stop being dependent upon man or the world. As we are facing trials-we need to focus on the lessons to be learned as an opportunity. God is faithful and we can trust Him. Not man. He has metaphorically pitched His tent alongside us and is with us always. John 14:6 speaks that the only way is through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We can fear not and let the world see our being united in this belief; which the world is fascinated when it sees our resolve, Jn. 17: 20-21.

Wisdom is not of this world. Contentment is not with worldly things or focus. Jesus is the only way to find His light, His peace-as we walk this life. Seek Him. Trust Him. You are not alone.

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