LEAD: Glyndora Condon, M.S. M.F.T, L.P.C. CTMH, CCTP, CEMDRAI, and she also provides brainspotting services

Heal and Hope Counseling Services was inspired when Glyndora Condon struggled through divorce and with anxiety yet found peace and strength when she attended a Divorce Recovery Group class in church; and when she received counsel from a Christian counselor.


She learned that one's perspectives and negative self talk could be changed , and that  one would then be able to heal.Then One has to focus on the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive aspects, to find a balance.  With this knowledge then she was able to navigate through trauma, divorce, a blended family, special needs children and grandchildren; also the death of her father and soon afterwards-the learning that her mother suffered with Parkinson's Disease. Further, she experienced the empty nest; while continuing her education so as to be abreast of the latest updates in counseling. 

Glyndora Condon, M.S. M.F.T, L.P.C.; is listed in the National Collegiate Awards; received highest honors in three college institutions, honored as Magna Cume Laude, an Adult Scholar, and Psy-chi Award, the National Dean’s List, and the National President’s List; and has worked as a business woman, an assistant of nursing, a Director of Activities, as well as; has provided exercise and nutrition instruction for over 17 years. Glyndora views art and music as important tools of treatment.  She holds over 50 professional certificates regarding parenting, children, mental health, trauma, domestic violence, dissociative disorders, abnormal psychology issues, marriage, family, and other specialties. She has provided expert testimony in courts for her clients. These issues focused on parenting, autism, and domestic violence.


In addition she is married with 2 children after 6 surgeries, has two step sons (both veterans; and with one who has Autism), was a foster mother of special needs children and adults; has 10 grandchildren as of 2020, with one recovering from a major car accident and who is partially paralyzed. Another grandchild has Autism and Cerebral palsy. Glyndora began her journey into counseling in 1985 and incorporates all of her creative skills to individualize treatment with an eclectic approach for her clients. Glyndora's insight and empathy aids her to provide effective therapy. She continues her education annually to keep abreast of the latest treatments. With 17 years of nutrition and exercise instruction, she is able to help her clients to maximize their cognitive and physical health. Glyndora is also a Brainspotting therapist and continues to learn full mindfulness and contentedness techniques to assist her when working with clients with TBI, trauma, and many other issues of her clients.

Glyndora chose to reach up and outward to provide guidance and support to others who are walking the journey of life. She blends her Christian faith, her strong empathy capacity, her leadership skills, her knowledge and wisdom, and her creative abilities with empirically tested tools to help others who are hurting, lost, or angry. She wants to give back what was provided to her. At this juncture of her life, she finds a grave need in her own home-town for counselors. She therefore is here instead of working in a metropolitan, higher paying areas. She is here for YOU.

 Team of Licensed and Master's level Therapists

Counselor: James Davidson


 and Brainspotter

 Verified by Psychology Today
TELEHEALTH THERAPY AVAILABLE - Even healthy relationships run into snags:
Are you worried, feeling alone, confused, or angry - wishing the nightmare would just be over? Are you questioning what you could have done differently, and what's next?
Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and afraid to be vulnerable again?




I offer personalized services tailored specifically for you in a caring,
non-judgmental, and safe environment. COME SEE US, be it for enrichment, prevention,
intervention, grief, loss, career or life transitions. (Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. I never enter a session without Him - Isaiah 9:6 )

Misfits, Scapegoats and Black Sheep Welcome: Perhaps you have always felt different and desire to find where you belong. Whether you wish to attend to long-standing issues
or deal with an unexpected event that left you suffering and broken, our comprehensive individualized adult therapies give you the opportunity to heal and experience joy again.

Compassionate Care: We can collaboratively find the best solutions for your problems
and rekindle your passion and purpose. Whether you need a major overhaul or just a tune up, we can develop a way forward for you to enjoy a better quality of life & satisfying relationships once again. Let's take that first step together today towards a better tomorrow!
 Years in Practice: 20 Years

  Tennessee LMFT / #1581
 School: Pentecostal Theological Seminary
 Year Graduated: 2013
 Supervisor: Dr. David S. Cavin
 Supervisor License: Tennessee / 157
Additional Credentials
 License No. and State: 4662 Tennessee LPC-MHSP
 Trauma and PTSD, Abandonment, CPTSD, Narcissism
 Spirituality
 Relationship Issues-and more!

James is now certified as a Brainspotting practitioner and Hypnosis which allows him to work deeply with clients with trauma. 

Generational Strength


Office Manager, Steve, with Glyndora

To schedule your appointment: 423-790-4906; or email:

Steve is the hub of the company, and heads billing, scheduling, filing, as he ensures that our clients are assisted with compassion. Our counselors office depend upon him!

Below is our special and kind, Receptionist, Lara. She speaks fluent English and Spanish, and is familiar with a few others.

FB_IMG_1547363315746 (1) lakita quarles.

Counselor:  LaKita Quarles, MS in Counseling and Business.


She has the training of Personal Support of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. 

She attended UTK, Knoxville, Tennessee Wesleyan College also Grantham University.

LaKita also possesses degrees and/or certifications in Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation. This indicates a diverse skill set and interests and skill sets.

She has provided intensive, inpatient, and outpatient services; rehabilitation services, and counseling services over the past 10 years with a heart to serve.

She works well with ages 4 and above, with a compassionate spirit.  She has worked with those suffering with PTSD, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, and relational problems, substance abuse, andor other addictions; as well with those with special needs.


She helps parents and children as they navigate life and is an excellent, compassionate counselor who cares for each client. 

This counselor believes in self investment and will assign homework to help clients to cultivate healthy habits and to learn better coping tools.


Her empathy and warmth along with her non judgmental attitude regarding clients-helps her clients to feel safe while working through the issues together. She is married with children-and family is most important to her as she works to help other families. 

Should Lakita seem like a good fit for you-then please contact our office.

Glyndora Condon - Registered Therapy Provider

Glyndora is learning ASL and hopes to be able to assist those who are deaf or hard of hearing in the near future. She has a full face-clear mask to provide safety for her clients. 

She is seeking other remarkable counselors (LCSW, LSW, LMFT, LPC-MHSP, Psychologist, and/or Psychiatrist) to join our family or professionals! Contact her:

NOW CERTIFIED:  To provide Tele-health Medicine to clients!

                                 Suicide Prevention, Brainspotting, Integrative Dissociative                                               Treatment (simple and complex PTSD), CBT, 

                                 Counseling for Couples in High Conflict and more!


Glyndora and her Counselors invest in modalities that best work with PTSD issues as they specialize in Trauma. These modalities include EMDR and Brainspotting.

Soon, they will be certified to also include Hypnosis (2021).   

Please contact us to schedule your session today!

We also have our Domestic Violence Prevention/Anger Management, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Prevention, and Specialized Parenting Classes or special needs children and for court mandated needs; in office and/or online during the Covid-19 virus! Must have a minimum of 6 registered clients per class to convene. Otherwise these courses can be done on an individual basis at a regular session rate per session.

Office: 423-790-4906, speak with Steve

CAREER: Are you looking for a wonderful, family like place to work? Then we are looking for you! 

  • Must have a Master's level or above degree in our field of expertise (MFT, LPC, CSW, Substance Abuse, Play therapy, or other like degree)

  • Must have at least 5 years post graduate experience providing counseling.

  • Must have impeccable and remarkable ethics and professionalism record in practice and personally.

  • Interested but Optional: Multiple Languages and Certified ASL abilities/skill

  • The zeal and passion to grow with us!

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