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Therapy Service


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



Solution-focused Therapy

Full Mindfulness-Centeredness



Family Model Therapy


and more.......

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Education Service

Assessment & Evaluation | Learning Difficulties | Cognitive Testing Referral | School Visits | Behavioral | IEP and other assistance; also A&D prevention class (certified) and Domestic Violence Prevention, and Anger management classes (certified).

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Legal Service

Court Reports | Drug Screens | Family and Client focus | Certified Parenting | Anger Management A&D groups | Individual and Group Counseling.  We need a 30 day notice to prepare for court appearances, and 7 days per request for documents after receipt. We do have fees for these services. Reports may have fees for the client or their legal team to pay prior to the test or provision of them.


Classes and Groups

 Anger management and Domestic Violence Prevention: Batterer's Intervention


Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Call office: 423-790-4906

ONLINE Tele-health services:

  • If the client lives too far away to come to the office weekly.

  • If client is sick.

  • If staff is sick.

  • During a need to restrict social contact due to any high risk disease:


We use HIPAA regulated platforms. Please see our Document pages to locate our guidelines, client manual, self-

assessments, and other vital forms!

423-790-4906 Office: Please leave a message for us to contact you.



Glyndora Condon MS MFT NCC LPC CTMH CCTP EMDRIA, and brain spot therapist

Kelly Brownlow MS SW

James Davidson LMFT, LPC-MHSP T

(brainspot therapist)

LaKita Quarles MS Counselor

and other Counselors of our team may be contacted by calling our office: 423-790-4906 or fax: 423-790-7074


Contact office manager to be referred to either clinician for their services face to face and/or Telehealth due to COVID-19.

            Office: 423-790-4906

We are certified to provide telehealth.

All clinicians named have a Masters degree and multiple certificates and skills-and most have over 20 years experience working with clients!!!

Other groups will be added as needed as long as there is the need and enough clients to establish the group.  Rates are in accordance to how many people are in each group session. The maximum is: $45.00 per individual per session if in a group of at least 6 attendees.

Clients who miss the consecutive sessions,  may need to start from the beginning.

A minimum of 6 students per group is required. One can take the course as a individual if a group is not convened or if it had already started. Individual sessions are on individual rates instead of group rates. Insurance often will pay most of the charge. Contact our office to be assisted as to insurance or self pay rates please.

 Our team of counselors are invested in their continued education, often exceeding the minimum required in order to be up to date with the most recent research into assisting with the healing process within our community!

woman smiling at young girl student holding pencil wearing blue blouse

School Consultation

 Collaborate with teachers on tasks | Develop techniques to communicate | Assist with program modification | Provide resources for school staff 

Doctor and Patient

Medical Assistance

Consult with Physician of referrals | Monitor Medication of clients | Provide monthly summary of progress or suggestions of possible changes

Studying in a Library

Occupational Therapy

Career Assessment and Skills | Attention & Concentration Problems | Learning Problems

ONLINE Tele-health services:

  • If the client lives too far away to come to the office weekly.

  • If client is sick.

  • If staff is sick.

  • During a need to restrict social contact due to any high risk disease:


The we offer HIPAA regulated platform for Glyndora Condon's clients; and have other platforms that we and our counselors also use.  Check with our office to find out more!

Our classes: Parenting and Anger management, also Alcohol and Drug prevention: can all be offered online during Covid-19. 

We also can provide the same curriculum to clients individually so that they can earn their certificates!  

Don't delay! 

Disclaimers and general information of policy and fees:


Clients are advised to call: 24/7 423-790-4906 to receive directions, to ensure the Clinician is in the office, to cancel their appointment, to request an appointment, or to reschedule. Do not make this request via email since these are not checked as regularly as the voicemail. Only leave one message. We will return your call in the order received. Voicemail is time dated to ensure client is making a cancellation timely to avoid penalty of late cancellations or no shows. Further, please only leave one message any given day in order to not bog down the systems. A representative will return your call upon the next business day if this message was left during a weekend.


Contact: 423-790-4906 Office Phone.  Fax: 423-790-7074.


 Also, if you are going through a crisis or this is an emergency then please contact the nearest hospital to you for immediate evaluation and/or 911 for help. "This too will pass." Tomorrow is another day of hope; and during emergencies then clients may contact 911 or their counselor directly.


What to expect: Your first visit-clients need to arrive 20-30 minutes early to complete a packet of documents required for a self-assessment for the Counselor to understand the onset, duration, intensity, and like issues of the problem. When clients arrive later than requested, then this will directly effect their time with the clinician since then the paperwork is taking up valuable time from their Counselor. The intake process gathers information and allows our clinicians to provide HIPPA required information to our clients. Treatments typically follow during the following visits but do not occur during the first day intake process however; Client and Clinician will consider their treatment options and collaborate as to how they would like to proceed.

Groups Information:


Groups/Classes: $45.00 per each session of the class. Screening assessments aid us to calculate the number of sessions that each client needs to earn their certificates. For a group or class, we need a minimum of 6 registered per each event to provide services with this low discounted rate. If we do not have the 6 minimum required then the course will be provided on an individual basis (1 on 1) at the regular rate for individual therapy; and each individual will receive their certificate if they come to each session consistently, take notes, ask questions, while participating fully to change and is able to show that they did learn the content of the course. Our course meets the mandates of Court and DCS.

Classes offered:

  • Domestic Violence Prevention (Batterer’s intervention methods, conflict resolution skills, anger management skills, increase communication and social skills, awareness and empathy training, and more). Anger Management-14 session course, DV-26 session course. If one is to take both Anger management and DV; then Anger management and DV are in the 26-session course.

  • Addiction Prevention (A&D and other addiction education, triggers, stress reduction tools, resources, and more). 16 session courses.

  • Parenting: (Styles of parenting, affects on the children, positive discipline strategies that grow self-esteem, character, and compliance, blended family issues, coparenting, and more).  Depends upon the history and needs as to the session length. 4, 8, 16, 26

(Please be advised that the group and individual rates may change in accordance to the market)


Networking with:


Behavioral Health, United Behavioral Health (commercial only), Blue Cross Blue Shield; BlueCare, TennCare Select, Cover Kids and is approved to also work with Humana Commercial, Ambetter, Cigna; Multiplans, multiple EAP:  also UHC and Optum (commercial only), Tennessee Medicaid; TriWest, Healthscope, TriCare, and many other networks. It is important to contact Steve, our office manager to confirm if we take your insurance. We do have a sliding scale for self-pay clients.  Our other counselors may have other networks to which they are contracted with therefore-

​*Clients will need to call office to check their insurance plans with manager, Steve (423-790-4906), or

email:, for any billing question. Fax: 423-790-7074

Hospitals or other professional referral sources can fax referrals to: 423-790-7074 or call direct to the office for assistance: 423-790-4906.


FEES: (Please be advised that the group and individual rates may change in accordance to the market.

  1. ​Consultation with Colleague, Professional, Attorney, or Collateral contact other than the client: $150.00 (up to 50 minutes).

  2. Court appearances: We require a 30 days’ notice delivered to us in writing, prior to a court appearance. That day can then be cancelled 7 days prior to the scheduled court date without penalty to the client; otherwise we will need to account for the blocked time reserved since the counselor would not be able to acquire appointments during that blocked time to offset their time and wages lost. The client then is held liable for the day's cancelled appointments. Clients are encouraged to speak with their attorneys to ensure that the Counselor is informed as to the amount of time to block and if any changes need to occur with the Counselor’s scheduling timely.

  3. Court letters/Affidavits: Minimum fee, $45.00, but may be more if the Counselor will need to take the form to a Notary; and this request will need to be given 2 weeks prior to the court appearance.

  1. Copies of documents:  Documents will be copied at a 25-cent charge per page. A 48-business hour notice is needed to allow time for this request to be fulfilled. If request is made over the weekend then it will begin the 48 hours as of Monday and the documents will be ready then Wednesday. Documents will need to have a release of information before these will be provided.  Charges for personnel or time may also apply, based upon the reasons for the needed documents, and if those documents are for legal cases. If for court or DCS, some information may be redacted to protect the client’s privacy. If added charges occur then charges will be based upon a session's rate, which is in place at the time of the request. The office may waive this charge for their clients with an active client status; but the charge will apply to any person who is not a client, non-active client, and when needed for court.



Perceived Harm: If any client believes that our clinicians are causing harm to them, is in violation to our Ethical Codes, then they can make a complaint to the Owner, Glyndora Condon and may also consider:  If satisfaction is not received then please contact NBCC, who will investigate the charge and make a decision should the Owner fail to act upon the complaint. 


3 Terrace Way
Greensboro, NC 27403

 Phone: +336-547-0607

 Fax: +336-547-0017

 Hours: M - F: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Duty to Report: This office values confidentiality and complies with the jurisdiction of statutes of the local, state, region, and/or Federal laws; and the ethical codes of the profession. WE are liable and required to report if our clients report intent to harm their self of others. 

Telehealth: Will need to meet the HIPPA criteria for qualified clients only. Contact office. Fee depends upon insurance coverage, or minimum of $65.00 (or market rate). We use GoToMeeting which is compliant with HIPPA. All sessions will need to pay prior to the online or phone sessions. Contact the office to make payment via card prior to the session or the counselor will be advised that this has not been done for their services. They may choose to consider non-payment as a no-show thus creating a penalty for the client should the session not be paid prior to the appointment or if the client does not show for their session timely.

Confidentiality: Is at risk with groups, multi-family members, billing, collateral entities, insurances, online sources, social media, I-phones, texts, emails other than )which is encrypted. For this reason then please keep any correspondences safe by not including protected information in either of those written or verbal forums unless there is end to end encryption that meets the HIPAA regulations.

Also at risk are: court subpoena documents and testimony, as well as; the duty to report when confidentiality is at risk.

Our office has listed specific concerns and hopeful remedies that will be handed to clientele within a handbook, per client’s request-and/or is posted in the waiting area. Counselors do provide this information during the intake process; and is making every effort to safeguard information by not saving texts or phone contacts in our phone system. We ask all clientele to not post social media remarks that may risk confidentiality concerns. With files online, there is the possibility of hackers as is with any agency. Clients accept these risks that are inherent with these issues.

All sessions will need to be paid prior to each occurrence by contacting our office manager, Steve-at 423-790-4906 within 30 minutes prior to the session.


We do require MASKS and social distancing within our office: 

We ask adults and children to come prepared with mindful safety, since some individuals and Counselors have weak immune systems and may not be able to be vaccinated for flu, pneumonia, Covid, or any other disease. Your and their health is paramount to us.

Should you find our office crowded then please feel free to register but then wait in the lobby or in your vehicle until you are called for your session; and if you cannot wear a mask then you may choose Telehealth as an option, or tell our office who may be able to provide you with other options that will keep the office, clients, and Counselors safe.

Our facility is disinfected frequently through each day. We do have extra masks should you forget yours.

Disclaimer: Emails are not monitored 24/7 and therefore may take 24-48 hours for a response: Call in case of crisis to Counselor. If busy, call 911 or report to hospital for assessment.

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