Drug and Alcohol Information

Individual and family support while providing education and treatment; also offering 12 step, Christian-based group therapy. Random drug screens and assessments. Available when court ordered to provide expert assessment regarding progress towards healing. The provision of certification and or court letter regarding the completion of the program to present to court, is provided for clients who successfully complete up to 26 depending upon the client's individual assessment or court mandates. Consultation and/or cooperation with medical and school collaterals for wrap around services are provided. We accept and welcome court, DCS, medical, and relational referrals, as well as; self referrals for help.

Learning Difficulties

Children having difficulties in school due to attention, focus, and/or behavioral issues? We work closely with the School Counselor and medical collaterals to discover why, to provide advocacy for you and your child, to devise techniques for the school to utilize to assist the child towards more positive behaviors, less stress, less fear, and to acheive a higher self image while learning appropriate boundaries, respect of authority figures, and while working with the parents and teachers to develop better skills and boundaries. Children will learn to be better able to choose positive choices and to discern probable consequences. Parents of children with learning or behavioral issues will be provided education as to their parental approach so as to best help their children.


We want to listen to your stories and help you rewrite your future. We build Marraige and families. Regardless of why you hurt or act out negatively; regardless of what you tell yourself or others; we know you are able and capable to overcome and to grow, when you learn the tools. Relationships, premarriage, distrust, trauma, parenting, behavioral, A&D, phobias, social problems, career, legal, foster parenting, Stress reduction, health and mindfulness, also children rilvary, vocational issues, boundary setting, self-management, anger management, Divorce recovery issues; needed interventions and like issues are solvable with healing and hope provided tools.

Confidentiality Disclosure

  1. Must report suspected or reported self-imposed intent to harm.
  2. Must report suspected or reported intent to cause harm towards another entity.
  3. Must abide with Court Orders within the confines of the State statutes and make the client aware of the need to report.
  4. During group sessions, there is a risk that confidentiality could be breached.
  5. When networking, during office process, or when working in smaller towns, the risk increases regarding confidentiality.
  6. Every effort will be made to safeguard our client's confidentiality.
  7. A release of information will be needed prior to providing protected information as required with HIPPA.
  8. Our online therapy sessions are in accordance with HIPPA regulations and will need to be paid prior to the sessions. Advise and please see the link below

What are your Hours

Office hours vary depending on scheduled appointments.

Typical appointment start times:

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday - Thursday

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Please ask us if you need an appointment time outside of our typical hours.

Types of groups :

Certified parenting class Certified Anger management and Domestic Violence Prevention Class Certified Alchohol and Drug Prevention Marriage and Divorce Recovery Grief and Loss Trauma

 Contact Steve: 423-790-4906: For scheduled appointments: Clients who are 10 minutes late may have to wait or be rescheduled. If this is the last appointment for the day, the therapist can opt to leave if the client is 10 minutes late. Missed appointments will result in a charge to client. 3 missed appointments will result in no further appointments but the client can walk in and be worked into the day's clientele. Clients are to give a 24 hour notice to cancel in order for the clinician to be able to fill the vacancy. Cancellations that occur with less notice may be subject to a missed appointment protocol. Please contact office if the weather is bad to ensure the office is open or closed. 

Disclaimer: Emails are not monitored 24/7 and therefore may take 24-48 hours for a response: Call in case of crisis to Counselor. If busy, call 911 or report to hospital for assessment.

"I was interviewed by Brandon from Life Coach Path..." March 2020, to speak about my reason to become a counselor and coach!



Domestic Violence Prevention and Anger Management:

Must be screened and assessed.


26 weeks; Insurance accepted or self pay of $45.00 per session.  

All participants will need to bring their composition notebook and pen, participate, and be in each session.

Parenting Class:

Must be screened and assessed.


Options depend upon assessment or court orders: 4, 8, 12, 24 week classes.

Insurance is accepted if there are mood or behavioral health issues with parent or child.


Direct pay: $45.00 per session.


Alcohol and Drug Prevention Class:

Must be screened and assessed.


Options depend upon assessment or court orders: 4, 8, 12, 24 week classes.

Insurance is accepted if there are mood or behavioral health issues with parent or child.


Direct pay: $45.00 per session.

These classes can be individually or group provided. Groups must have 6 registered to convene.