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Domestic Violence Prevention


 Anger Management:

Parenting Class:

Alcohol and Drug Prevention Class:

Clients may earn

their certificates by

completing the

course within a group

or individual setting.

Please contact the office for more details.



continue their education often exceeding the minimum required by the Board and our Profession-to keep abreast of the latest technique and newest treatment modalities annually.


Their certificates earned during this process are on file per Counselor.

All of our remarkable Counselors possess a Masters degree and/or higher; and is versed in providing an integrative blend of therapeutic tools to effect change and healing!

The counselors who are not yet licensed are under Supervision and monitoring to ensure the client the best of care.

The Owner and Supervisor does accept future Master's and licensed counselors; and is active in the supervisee' s client's-session and treatment.

Member of: Focus on the Family, Psychology Today, Theravive, Good Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Brainspotting network, Betterhelp, Christian Counseling Directory, Healthgrades, Theratribe, Find a Therapist, Indeed (resume's), Military and First Response network, PESI, and other Therapy directories.

All certified classes: Must be screened and assessed. Relational, Behavioral, Mental, and/or Emotional issues are assessed, along with Substance abuse, or other Addictions-are ascertained and factored into the client's needs.


Payment: Insurance accepted or self pay, sliding scale based; or EAP, classes conducted are within a group or a minimum of 6, or the individual rate of the client's insurance will be applied -depending upon the market and rate changes.  

All participants will need to bring their composition notebook and pen, participate, and be in each session.

Depending upon the type of class; and depending upon the screening process; and/or court order-the length of the classes will vary between 4, 8, 12, 16,  20,  to 26 weeks. With co-occurring disorders and issues, then a need for individual therapy or an adjunct of a different class may be required to effect a maximum benefit.

People with Masks

We work to protect all clients and staff with mutual respect to all human beings!

 Contact OFFICE: 423-790-4906: For scheduled or cancelled appointments: Clients who are 10 minutes late may have to wait or be rescheduled. If this is the last appointment for the day, the therapist can opt to leave if the client is 10 minutes late. If rescheduled the client will pay a late show fee of $35-45 dollars (or market price).


Missed appointments will result in a charge to client. 3 missed appointments will result in no further appointments but the client can walk in and be worked into the day's clientele.


Clients are to give a 24 hour notice to cancel in order for the clinician to be able to fill the vacancy. Cancellations that occur with less notice may be subject to a missed appointment protocol. Please contact office if the weather is bad to ensure the office is open or closed. 

Clients are responsible for cancelled court appearances and the blocked time that a counselor created to represent and to advocate for the client! PLEASE INFORM YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL! 



Disclaimer: Emails are not monitored 24/7 and therefore may take 24-48 hours for a response: Call in case of crisis to Counselor. If busy, call 911 or report to hospital for assessment.

We do have Counselors who are also versed in Nutrition, play therapy, Hypnosis, Brainspotting, Light, and other holistic therapeutic skills which aid our clients to maximize their brain and body health, increase clarity, and provide additional resources for them to succeed in reaching their goals.

Although our team of Counselors are primarily Christian of various religions-we respect those of other faiths, culture, and beliefs and do not pressure our clients with our own core beliefs. We believe that we are to reflect Christ, our Savior with a non-judgmental, grace-filled, and professional approach as we work to assist out clients towards healing. 

We understand that we are all humans-and as such-we honor your right to choose your path-and cannot change the consequences or how society views this path; but will work towards clarity of options, while aiding with perspectives and tools. When clients wish to include spirituality constructs with the wisdom that this enhances healing and completes healing, we can walk with you without imposing our own doctrine-remaining with the Word of God, or attempting to learn more as to our client's spiritual walk/faith/culture.

"I was interviewed by Brandon from Life Coach Path..." March 2020, to speak about my reason to become a counselor and coach!

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