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A Life Worth Living

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

By: Glyndora Condon MS MFT LPC

Regardless of what aspect one wishes to consider regarding life in general, one truth remains non-contended; life mostly renders what we invest into it.

· If we eat nutritious foods and exercise; then we maximize our brain and physical potential. Yet, if we fuel ourselves with junk and then lay about; we will find ourselves lacking in the ability to focus, concentrate, to feel energized, to feel motivated, and even in how we rest.

· If we fuel our brains with healthy stimuli as we learn language, a new skill, and knowledge-then we find ourselves better able to discern truth from fallacy, have more of a variety to engage others on multiple levels, and have more elements to pull from when we need to resolve a problem. Yet, if we spend our time with gaming, videos, and social media; we will find our brain sluggish, unmotivated, and willing to lie to us, as it justifies wasting more time at grave costs to us.

· If we work towards excellence in our work, relationships, sports, or other venue then we often excel to reap rewards of promotions and higher pay; security in our careers, or within worship. Yet, if we slack and settle; then we will discover stagnation, disappointment, frustration, displacement of irritation, failure to achieve, and mediocrity.

In each or every field of interest, we can find more meaning if we utilize 4 major goals!

1. Without a doubt, Loveis the foundation (Philippians 1:9-11, Holy Bible). If we love ourselves as Christ loves the Church; then we will know that we need to take appropriate care of what we eat, how we exercise, what we expose ourselves to, what we feed upon intellectually and our entertainment; as well as, to get needed rest so that our minds and bodies can repair themselves. We also know that with a foundation of love for our relationships, our work, our play, and our world then our service in each is without selfishness, regret, begrudging, or resentment. As love makes up the foundation then we abound in each forum within the necessary boundaries (what God wants) as we seek to please Him, and we gain knowledge and the ability to discern-which builds and produces holiness, humbleness, and a sincere devotion within each forum.

2. As we exchange our mediocre mindset to one of excellence, then we approach either forum with a goal to achieve excellence to the best of our ability. Therefore, we do not settle for the path of least resistance. We do not lower our standards in how we approach our worship, relationships, career, government, enjoyment, or any other forum. We apply our best and are satisfied with only our best given. Thus, we find that we seldom feel guilty of not achieving since, our best was rendered-even if aspects out of our control occur. Any weaker effort or weaker reason would impair our consciousness. Anytime that we give more importance to less effort and substandard services, then understand that we will reap exactly what we sow; a substandard result. Working towards excellence requires tests and measurements to find truth in what our spirit, brain, body, relationship, or other forum. Tests and measurements require time and discernment.

3. The next measurement needed is Integrity. Regardless of which forum considered, then each must be approached with integrity (doing what is right, simply because it is the right thing to do). Integrity risks losing other’s acceptance if right means going against a norm which is wrong. Integrity is not done to win acceptance or some other type of position. Integrity follows through in a manner to attempt to not offend oneself or others; however, if others are holding to a construct that is contrary to what God wants for us or others, then we may have to lovingly stand firmly on what is right. So, what is right? We must guard against the fallacy of fairness as we discern this question since we can be easily deceived. What is this fallacy of fairness? Simply, it is believing that we possess the only true measuring gauge regarding right vs wrong; and we become irritable for anyone to question our assessment or solution. Integrity requires us to consider the evidence as we funnel through knowledge and wisdom.

4. Finally, the result of the prior three tools would render the fruit: Love, honor, kindness, respect, joy, peace, kindness, long suffering, goodness, gentleness, belief, self-control, and contentment since we know that our efforts were not in vain; and that regardless of the outcome, we have done our best. When the conscience is clear and the heart is pure, then fulfills us. We have a sense of righteousness, not because we are perfect but because our choices were based upon pleasing God as we live this life.

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