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Are We Only Auditing Ourselves?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

By: Glyndora Condon MS MFT LPC CTMH CCTP

Have any of you chosen to audit a class? This is when one goes into a class but does not vest time, energy, or money. They hear it only.

We learn from the modeling and instruction of our parents, authority figures, then with experiences, educational forums, interactions with others, religious instruction (or not), and this is followed with choices and consequences that occur.

One who audits life, is basically like a tumbleweed, tossed to and fro, yet not taking root. Those individuals hear and see, but refuse to take deep root, as they do not question, they do not test others or selves. They do not invest effort to learn, challenge, or change. Our minds store everything that we feed them with.

We must prioritize growing character, spirituality, stamina, integrity, and like strengths to manager ourselves as our goal instead of simply to seek happiness and fun.

As we turn to James 1: 1-25 (Holy Bible, New Testament) we are to be meek, as we admit that we have not arrived to where we need to be-and will then be open to learn more, as we prudently search for factual, enhancing, instructional information that would grow us into mature individuals.

We then would respond without deception, selfishness, or compromise; while truly investing and committing ourselves for the long haul, and while deepening our roots. We would be intentional and proactive instead of blowing in the wind.

Below are some practical questions for us to grow deeper and richer.

1) What is the experience like if we only hear or listen without implementing the needed changes?

2) Have we become a listening, passive and distanced person or society in this relationship?

3) Are the majority of our reactions, impulsive?

4) Are we expecting and demanding others to change to suit us as we sit complacent in our demands for entertainment and compliance?

5) Are we compromising what is right in order to embrace the world’s constructs?

Let’s consider: James 1: 19-20. We are to be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger. Are we? Or are you quick to speak, slow to hear, and quick to anger?

We are taught in the text to put away the filthy and wicked ways of life. This is a calling for pure minds, hearts, choices, lives, and actions. Yet, we feed upon lusts of life, greed, and wade as closely as we can into dangerous waters while expecting that nothing will hurt us. We call right things-wrong, and wrong things-right. We replace loving our neighbor with hate. We replace charity with utter greed and covetousness. We discount precious life and we play god in deciding who deserves to live or die (elderly, the children, boys, or girls, white, black, red, and yellow people, the disabled, those of faith, the wealthy, poor, and intelligent or challenged).

Wonder if we at least try to implement the words of wisdom? Am I going to continue being prideful and selfish or meek? What is one thing that I can commit fully to in order to change this week? What has been my investment in this change and how can I improve this? What has been my biggest challenge? What has been my biggest change? How is this change of myself improving an aspect of my life? Am I helping others?

James 1:22-25). Am I deceiving myself? Others?

Are we intending to act with perseverance in correcting what we see immediately or putting it off? Who would look in a mirror, seeing something stuck in our front teeth, yet do nothing? We often hear or see problems within ourselves yet do nothing; which leads to repeated times of being exposed to our same issue. Why do we neglect relational or our own personal issues?

We learn through scriptures or through counsel as to how to effect change yet neglect to change.

We often think of ourselves as a good or a religious person yet do not bridle our tongue. We deceive our own heart. In doing these things, don’t we really count ourselves and the instruction worthless? However, we find that if we do what is right then we are blessed. Be doers and be blessed.

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