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Confused of Gender?

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Research shows 10% and higher College aged students identify as transgender than any other year. Medical evidence in a host of research efforts prove that surgery and chemicals to attempt to change the sex of a person simply cannot change the gender. The surgeries and the chemicals only make males more feminine in appearance and females are more masculine in appearance. However; the muscle and bone mass and structure (larger broader shoulders for males, more narrow for females), the absence of 30-40% of corpus collosum in male brains in contrast to the fully in-tact connective tissue in the female brains, and also chromosomes (XY for males and XX for females)- continue to divide the two genders, along with a few other factors; such as the Adams apple that is only in males; and the reproductive system with a uterus is only in females; and like. Surgery does not change gender. Regardless of a paper that changes a person's identified sex to a different one than what they were born with-the gender has not changed. Medical Science states that this is not a medical issue and it points to this issue as a psychological one. We therefore look towards research into the psychological forums.

Why is there such an increase of confusion? The Social Construction that is driving this issue-challenges identity of nature, and that any confusion is due to choice; which they feel is therefore against their construct; as they rename this natural and choice issue-to one of an assignment so that it is more tolerable. If man and woman are assigned gender then man and woman cannot be held responsible for their gender identity even when it is contrary to the gender of the body in which they are born. Therefore it is important to further investigate to find factual evidence to support the social construct that is driving this division of beliefs or to provide evidence that rules out this distorted construct that is based on embracing distortions of thoughts.

Nature of the fusion of the male's seed and females' egg which passes the X or Y

We have DNA; Chromosomes; which depicts a certain gender. Altering the outside of our body does not change the inside or our gender. This is a scientific and medical fact.

chromosome from the male to the female then creates the gender of the baby, comes with all of the physiological, brain, bone, muscle, and how each gender processes information. It is not a choice or an assigned sexual preference.

Yet the Social Construction states that gender is an assigned entity which explained why some felt trapped in the wrong body. Social Construction states that gender isn't chosen, sex is assigned, and this is a vocal movement based upon others belief that we must validate their thoughts, and desires, even when it violates one's core beliefs and conscience. In our culture today-people appear to be strongly deluded in their belief that that Emotional Reasoning, a distortion of thought; should be embraced by all people and enabled to grow and to rule within culture and society. Emotional reasoning simply is the belief that if I feel it then it must be true. The fallacy of change is others should change for me and will if I manipulate or pressure others enough.

Scripture disagrees and speaks clearly as to God creating man and woman. Then in Romans the first chapter; as well as; in other scriptures-God warns of those who engage in unnatural sexual conquests (homosexuality, bestiality, and like). The world was covered by a flood due this conduct; and Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed as well; due to this violation of God's intent for man and woman. Evidence does show that the world was covered with water due to fossils located on arid areas. God creates life and has not made a mistake in placing a female into a man's body or visa-versa. Before we are even conceived; He knew us-our gender-our role in His plan for us, and He loved us. He knows every hair on our head and does not make mistakes. We are as He made us; male or female; with a free will to choose, yet with the warnings of those choices.

Scripture advises for any who engages in this act to repent and to allow God to be their refuge and their strength. Only through Him can peace be found when man or woman struggles with a serious strong hold such as grief, addiction, depression, anxiety, and gender issues when all other venues to help has fallen short. Scripture however does state that when people deny Him, reject Him, reject every effort to reason with them; then He will give them a strong delusion in which they will abide within. Counseling would help identify the thought distortions and help the client to challenge them and to then re-frame them so as to be accurate thoughts which empower the individual. It is evident that Culture does conflict with the psychological and scriptural evidence of a healthy person.

Why is our culture so deluded?

Several factors have played through the past decades that have lead us to this mindset:

  • Fathers that have not accepted their role as a parent and either was absent or who were abusive is a major contributor. Fathers have a strong influence and role in the development of their children's identify, character, and are to model, teach, and provide leadership while mothers are to care for and teach as they model appropriate roles as well for their children. Both fathers and mothers are to nurture. Scripture speaks of every good thing deriving from the father, with the mother at his side; when he and she is providing appropriate parenting that comprehends and embraces discernment and emotion from both genders. In the past many fathers abandoned this responsibility or abused it. The rise in suicides, gender confusion, aggression, illegal activity, and emotional illness has been a result of absent or poor father figures.

  • This conflictive concept has been reinforced by the culture-in fact the more the minority, the more embraced the construct is. Culture is a leading factor is breaking the construct of the nuclear family apart. Culture speaks of the political correct view as it attempts to paint is as a means to safeguard humans for division yet is driving a huge chasm of division between people while it applies this political correct measure only to one portion of the whole-as it condemns those who differ from its target.

  • Family dysfunction again plays a huge role in the confusion and issues of the children. There are more suicides, inmates, drug abuse, and like due to this factor. When children are brought up in healthy homes with both parents who have a strong and happy marriages, the development of healthy identity and self image is more prevalent and is the norm that contrast those who are not.

  • Male children who are brought up in primarily all female role models (grandmother and mother, sisters) will often learn feminine mannerisms and will have a more difficult time learning his role as a male. He watches females process information as females do-and yet he will fall short since his brain processes information differently. He will either act out with aggression or become much like the female gender in his actions (walk, speech, gestures, and emotion). This behavior will then result often in his not fitting into his male friends. As he feels comfortable playing with the girls then he begins identifying more with them. This is completely a learned behavior.

  • Female children who are in an all male environment often behave more masculine since they have modeled after those who are more prominent in their world. Males learn from fathers as to how males are to act and from mothers how women are to be treated and their value as well. Girls learn how to be women from their mothers but also learn how males are from their fathers; and often seek mates that remind them of their dads when the children are brought up in healthy nuclear families.

  • Sometimes-male or female experiences a hormonal imbalance that creates moodiness, behaviors, and characteristics- that can simply be treated with the appropriate hormonal treatment for their gender.

  • Sometimes with TBI then injury may could alter some of the processes of the brain yet therapy can help.

  • It is natural for both to favor their own genders due to games and toys that they are accustomed to-when in elementary school and even into middle school. When they are approached by the opposite gender or if they ask to join the opposite gender in an activity; then they are often mocked and rejected during this developmental stage. This is normal. When these same children enter into puberty then often this aversion from the opposite sex becomes an attraction.

  • Children dislike rejection and just want to lock in somewhere where they feel as if they have some control.

  • The educational and social media provide a social construction programming that even has identified "straight" people as CisGender: defined as an individual with a gender that matches their "assigned" sex at birth. Then this is contrasted with the other gender identities with all considered "Normal". This long term programming that is supported with television, movies, social media, and the educational system has indoctrinated the youth to accept this new norm-and to reject Christian teaching.

  • Kids that are not mature enough or old enough are pressured into groups.

  • The culture has driven this inclusion to help all to flourish in their assigned sexual identities yet, evidence is showing an increase of dysfunction, mood, suicides, relational, educational, and legal forums as this construct has began become more prevalent. In addition, there is more violence and intolerance within this populace than prior. It appears that culture has increased the negative by attempting to be tolerant; which has taken immense effort to sell this to society as natural laws and true gender has been violated.

  • Those undecided and who are filled with compassion may enable the construct, in the effort of trying to help people feel better-straddling the fence as they attempt to fit the politically correct sect-although evidence is showing that the political correct is in itself flawed to apply to only one population instead of equally to all. Why? Because of the Fallacy of Fairness, the Fallacy of Control, Global Labeling, Emotional Reasoning, Bias/Prejudice, and other distortions of thought that are raging to be recognized as accurate when in fact these are dysfunctional thought processes.

  • God allowed the strong delusion due to being rejected and denied as He did promise to those who are against Him.

This life that you were meant to live differs than a life that one wants to live. Aspects of humanity are: Thoughts, Feelings, Heart (spirit), Body, Social connections, and Soul. All must be in alignment with the spirit and soul to have a life of peace of mind, heart, and soul. A life focused instead on the world and flesh leads to death of the mind, heart, and soul according to Dallas Willard and the scriptures: Romans 8: 5-8, Col. 3:17, and Psalms 16:7-9. Today we seem to look at life as if we were dividing each as a section and trying to divide our time with each. This leads to us thinking we can earn salvation and a good life on our own merit-with our thoughts and own plan as to what is right or wrong being our only tool. The Lord then- takes a small piece instead of being the center and the wholeness of us.

We seem to think that He is on an as needed basis; where we can enlist Him and his constructs when it suits us. We seem to think that we can take the parts we like about Him and omit the other. We seem to think that He is to supply us with all of our happiness and wants, and ensure we do not suffer (which is most contrary to scripture). God despises those who are lukewarm. We are either all in-or we are not in at all. All in means that we are willing to walk against the tide, face opposition, love our enemies, forgive those who hurt us, and stand firmly upon His teachings and word-even if it means that our earthly life is sacrificed. It means that even during our struggles-we glorify Him and show others who He is. It means that we are different from the world, as we do not seek revenge. It is not a watered down,-world like,- wishy-washy faith that accepts any and all as they reject Him. That religion of no God, no rules, no consequence with all going to heaven-is a delusion and is contrary to scripture. As this construct seems to be where our world view is going-we find more discord, violence, hate, and sexual dysfunctions; and more emotional and mental health issues...and therefore the more people forsake the principals of God-and the more they embrace the distortions of thoughts which are contrary to counseling treatment; then the more depravity we see.

Psychology teaches that for healing; the emotional, psychological, cognitive, physical, environmental, social, and spiritual aspects (what ever this looks like for the individual) must be in sinc and congruently balanced. Treatment that embraces all and that works to bring harmony within all- will be most effective. If only a small portion is addressed then healing will be only partial. Otherwise we then see moral injury and dysfunction when the whole is not in harmony. It is also known that the flexibility of thought- is most important as people work through life's challenges. Inflexibility breeds dysfunction.

As good as the computer, the cloud, and other devices seem to remember everything we do or say...and even though a tweet is forever stored and connected to us; these fail- yet, we run to the internet to see what answers it provides. Information is skewed with propaganda, bias to a population or construct-yet we believe it to be true.

Science once believed and taught that the world was flat. It did not know about gravity or how the world came into existence. It still does not. Many theories have been proposed with the same claim of evidence yet, as tools are perfected-they see that ideologies were in error. They take a few small fragments of bones and attempt to create images to impose their theory upon us; although much evidence disproves their theories. Yet people believe that science is infallible. If it is infallible then why is the need for updated science books?

Scripture recorded about the axis of the earth, the gravity, how man was created from the dust of the earth, and how God made woman, along with every living creature and plant; along with the stars, moon, and sun-as well as; the lineage of Christ and his life, death, and witnessed resurrection: Yet man will not give any credence to the preponderance of evidence. Men and women who were truly atheist would set out to destroy the Bible and Christian doctrine and in their intense efforts they end up proclaiming it as truth-yet people continue to reject it as a factual work. It is the best selling book which speaks to every issue with wisdom. People claim that they want facts yet reject them if it means that they must be selfless and serve others.

Everything we choose to believe or do is stored eternally in a real record for our destiny. Every thought, every word is recorded accurately-unlike on the computer. This is a sobering thought that should keep us mindful of scripture. God chooses to forgive our wrong when we repent and He chooses to remember it no more due to His grace; but this is on HIS terms-not ours. He cannot be a fragment or a piece of the pie. He must be a holistic whole in our lives-as all pieces are in harmony. With Him we can find our true selves and walk in accordance to His plan-which can mean that we must stand against any construct that is contrary to His word. He uses the broken and the imperfect to show His mercy, His love, His justice, and His power. He does not need updates or a battery. He is everywhere and He loves us as He warns us as any parent would-against things that will hurt us. He also allows the consequences for wrong choices due to His love for us as He wants us to turn from wrong choices and to Him. It is best to suffer here and go to heaven than to not.

Since the above issue- of the confusion of gender- is a psychological and spiritual issue; according to the medical field, the Psychological field, and the Spiritual field- then it is best resolved with counseling that would provide the two fields of treatment. Christian counselors like myself would like to welcome you to be who God intended you to be-at peace, strong, and focused on the spirit. You were made in God's image, beautifully made and with a wonderful purpose. He beckons you to come to Him. With Him and with therapy to work on the hurts of the past-the distortions of thoughts; then you can choose against this crisis of identity. You can empower others to do the same.

If you choose instead to continue your walk with the world view instead but still grapple with you inner self, emotions, and how to find peace on earth while you walk against as God teaches or warns-then we can assist with therapy as we would help any who are struggling with fear, anxiety, medical, or mental issue without the scriptural inclusion; teaching about distortions of thought and providing coping tools; to aid with the anxiety and the relational issues. As counselors-we would be mindful that you are of different core beliefs than we are; and would respect your right to believe as you do. We would respect your wish to be excluded from the spiritual constructs. We would work to help you find peace in your chosen life style; yet know that we will be silently praying for you and seeking God's wisdom as we love you where you are. We could do no less since we love you.

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