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Growing During the Storm!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We often try to escape the things that are uncomfortable such as: Consequences from choices, the catastrophe or trauma, the need to keep a promise to render a consequence when others make choices, marital and/or family conflicts that no longer can be swept under the rug, illness, or the unending social attacks as society is further skewed with political correctness; a double standard that attempts to coerce others to do the will of some and the feeling that it is right then to do harm to a person who disagrees, is different, or holds a different perspective as to what is right. We make great attempts as we use our defense mechanisms to run but find there is nowhere to run to now...

Instead, we find that as long as we run then we remain weak; but when we face the lion with integrity, truth, courage, and love; then we actually grow in strength and character. Heal and Hope Counseling Services, LLC invites you to grow during the storm as we walk alongside you with a light of accountability and the skills to provide the basic foundation to rebuild one's thought, heart, and life upon.

You can do this! I will help!

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Victor P
Victor P
Aug 01, 2022

Great readingg your post

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