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Keeping Our Love Alive!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

By: Glyndora Condon MS MFT LPC

What do we do to keep the glow of love glaringly bright? This seems easy from the onset as the couple is in what we call, the Honey-moon phase. We seem to not be able to praise the other enough as we shower them with adoration, respect, and are diligent in learning more and more as to what they like, who they are, what are their needs, and other like items that are in our radar. How many of us will sit through something boring to us simply because it is exciting for them? How many of us lessen the things within our interests in order to make time for theirs? And, add to this the discipline of listening to every word as we hang upon each syllable-while gazing into their eyes and watching their body language with a consuming “need to know more” mentality.

Love certainly is expensive. Let us count the ways!

· Love is exclusive. He and only he appease me. As others show interest towards us, we purposely set the needed boundaries as we proudly announce that we are taken. Often we are not even aware of others who gaze our way since we no longer are scanning the room to see available bachelors or bachelorettes who may show interest towards us. We no longer compare ourselves to the others, who could have been our

competition. We are very secure in our relationship and do not doubt the love from our beloved.

· Love is exciting! We count the minutes prior to their arrival for our date or from work. We may have spent the day imagining how we could make today’s greeting better than the last. How can we become so intertwined that we become inseparable? What ventures could we engage in? How intimate can we become?

· Love is Expectant. Anticipation is driving butterflies within our tummy and goose bumps along our skin as we imagine the embrace, the smile, and that most desired, passionate string of kisses that tend to tease us until followed with a long awaited for sensual kiss. Their appearance, scent, and mannerisms are all of interest.

Love is Expensive! As we said yes to each other, we said no to all others and things that could divide us from our faith in God foremost and our devotion to working together as one to grow His Kingdom together. The closer we grow in spirit together-the closer we grow together. In addition, with trust in each other, we are able to invest in each other’s growth. We seek to nurture, to educate, to be the safe place for needed admonishment as we hold each other and selves accountable. We will not accept mediocre. For each other and ourselves-we seek the best. Even if we have nothing

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