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Guidelines to Telehealth!


  • Clients will receive an ID and Password prior to the session

  • Clients who have a self-pay or deductible will need to pay for the session prior to the session: Call 423-790-4906 to provide card information to Steve.

  • Clients are to be in the telehealth waiting room timely for admittance. The clinician will wait 10 minutes for the client to show-but then will close the session if the client does not show for their session; and the client will be marked as a no show. $35.00 fee will be charged for a no show or late cancellation client (less than 24-hour notice).

  • Clients need to test their audio and cam prior to the meeting before joining and make sure that they have both. Headphones or earbuds are highly recommended.

  • Prior to the session, clients should clear all tabs from the search bar to have more bandwidth. If sluggish internet issues, client may need to engage and connect to their phone’s hotspot.

  • Should technical issues occur then the clinician will send a chat message, advising the client of options; (ie: Keep online but mute the audio online and call me via phone and place phone on speaker please), (Try to close out and return back to the session), and etc. Sometimes if this is an audio issue then a PIN must be typed in. If a cam issue, then clients may need to share their screen.

  • Clients are to remain on full screen at all times with a shoulder and face framing. If a couple, then the couple may need to sit back further in order for both to been seen by the counselor.

  • The mic sound needs to be at a 50% volume to begin with and can be adjusted if needed.

  • No one but the client(s) expected are to be in the session area during the sessions (This includes children, spouses, friends, parents, or other-unless there is a release of information signed and in the client’s file). This is a HIPAA compliant and confidential session (The clinician may need the client to span the cam around the room to ensure compliancy). Advisory: Per each session-apply a note on the closed and locked door of the room to alert others that there are to be no interruptions during the session.

  • All distractions are to be restricted (Phones on silent and face down; televisions or other like devices off; children in the opposite side of the house with a caregiver, etc)

  • The platform “GotoMeeting” is a HIPAA compliant platform which provides and end to end secure connection for the session. 

  • If other devices or forums to connect are used due to technical issues with the platform then there are risks of confidentiality breaches.

  • Telehealth will include slide presentations, possible video, and documents or questions may be included or sent via email prior to or after the sessions. If the client does not have the ability to print-answer-and send these back to the clinician then they may need to take their device to Staples or a Library in order to complete their assignments.

  • All assignments are expected to be completed timely and returned to the clinician.

  • Please-no food or drink which is distracting.

  • Clients are to be fully clothed as if they are attending the office. Shirts required; Decency required.

  • If clients are unable to keep their session quiet, safe, secure, and compliant-then the client will be required to come to the office where these issues are controlled.

  • Not all clients are good candidates for Telehealth due to the level of responsibility, the ability to comprehend, the ability to remain safe during sessions, the ability to limit distractions, and/or issues. The clinician will assess and will advise if the client requires a different forum for their therapy.


If Telehealth is providing court ordered and mandated classes or therapy; the client cannot miss sessions. All sessions build skill sets upon each other and are in sequence to be most effective. Clients who miss will need to return to the beginning of the sessions and may need to be removed from the current class since they will not be able to follow the remaining sessions without the missed work. 


Clients are not to speak to others during the session unless the clinician requests this. If requested then all clients are to be respectful of all members present and staff at all times. If client fails to be respectful or safe during a session then that client will be removed from the session. Any questions are to be provided to the clinician via email.


Client fully responsible to read these guidelines and to comply with these guidelines.


Clinician will need to verify the client’s location: Address and State

Clinician must also know the nearest hospital to the client in case of a crisis prior to the session.

Clients must be a resident of Tennessee and located in Tennessee during the session.


Office: 423-790-4906 should you need to reschedule or require an ID or password for your session.


Anger Management and Domestic Violence Prevention (adjunct Classes)


The Anger Management program is a 14-week class for certification; if a client only needs Anger Management for a Court or for DCS, or other legal entity.


The Domestic Violence Prevention program requires the 14-week Anger Management class as Phase 1; followed by a 12-week Domestic Violence Prevention class as Phase 2 to complete the required 26-week program for the Domestic Violence Prevention certificate.


Classes shall be on a weekly basis in the office; and may be in a group setting (if there is a group) or one-on-one with the counselor.  Sessions are educational in sequential order – the material presented in each session builds upon the prior week’s material.  Those who miss group sessions will need to make them up individually with the counselor before continuing with the group.  Distancing and masks will be required during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • No phones allowed in session.

  • These sessions are confidential and the disclosures of any other client to anyone outside the classroom will meet with a penalty or withdrawal from the course.

  • All clients are to bring a folder with paper and a pen to take notes.

  • All clients are to be respectful of staff, the Counselor, and fellow clients.

  • This is an educational forum with instruction and statistics (there will not be group discussions often to give the Counselor ample time to provide the curriculum needed to complete this course), however; she has the option to call upon the clients for their input.


Please check with the Office Manager for more details.

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